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Do you want to wake up every morning and start your day with clarity around why you're here, what you want to achieve in life and how you're going to get there? That's what Thrive Time®️ is all about.

Discover your life purpose, mission and whats truly important to you at Thrive Time®️.





You’re ready to overcome limiting beliefs THAT ARE HOLDING YOU BACK


By attending Thrive Time® you will:

Create clarity around your values, purpose and mission so you can better understand yourself and what you really want in life

Overcome emotional barriers, fears and worries that have been holding you back from living a happy and fulfilled life

Improve the quality of your intimate relationships by better understanding yourself and your partner (or future partner)

Create a life plan that is designed around you living your values and feeling empowered to live life with purpose



We dive deep into what you want to achieve by attending the event and break down emotional barriers, stories and fears that are holding you back in life. We finish the day breaking through 19mm wood boards with your hands in order to break away from the past and prepare for the massive change that’s to come over the next 3 days.


We work through quantum physics principles, allowing you to discover your individual values, purpose and mission in life so you can move forward in life with confidence. We also go through masculine and feminine energy, one of our most popular modules in the course, which helps you to understand the power of these energies and how they affect current and future relationships.


You create your future goals, mission and vision and get clear on your life purpose. This day will create great clarity around your life so you can stay focused, on track, inspired and reduce self-sabotage. We also cover wealth creation and break through limiting beliefs around money.


We put the learnings from the first three days together and create your life plan. The aim is to align everything in order to send you out into the world on track, empowered and living with purpose. It’s Your Time To Thrive!

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s how some past Thrive Time® participants describe their experience:


Dear Mojo Master, Thrive time is almost at an end and here are my thoughts. This journey of self discovery has been an absolute mind blowing experience. I really thought I was unbreakable but u broke me in the best way possible. You made me laugh so much I thought I was going to pee my pants. You even helped me break down my walls which made me a blubbering mess. You and your amazing team are legends. Keep up the amazing work you are doing to inspire others to have a wonderful life. Eternally grateful. ❤❤❤


I came to thrive time with out a clue of what was about to happen. I signed up because I wanted to be in the room and watch how to run my own workshops in the future....well let me tell to you about this awesome experience....I believe In myself more now thab ever and know that I am capable of doing this in my business. I have found out why kids are coming to me for help and as for Michael Johnson apart from his great teachings....if he ever gives up this as a career...he has massive potential as a comedian. Thank you to the Mojo Master and his amazing crew for pushing me out of my comfort zone and for a fantastic 4 days filled with tears of bottled up frustration, and incredible joy!


Giving myself the permission and opportunity to work with Michael and his team at Thrive Time for the last four days, has truly been the most humbling and mind f#*!ing boot camp experience of my life! I have to say a huge thank you to all that took part in this massive emotional week, showing our vulnerability is probably one of the most challenging experiences we as humans can push through and share, and by everyone in that room, ( all 70 of us! ) that opened up and showed your hearts, I will be forever grateful


“Shout out to Michael Johnson, The Mojo Master™ for helping me change my life. Pre-Thrive Time® I always made excuses, never felt good enough and gave up quickly due to having low self worth. After attending Thrive Time® , my mind was blown with the amount of knowledge Michael has. He is not your typical 'Mr Positive' motivational speaker but rather tells you how it is and made me realise that everything is in balance. He gave me the tools necessary to get my life back on track and to find what i'm passionate about and to live with purpose. Most importantly he taught me to love myself again. Since Thrive Time® I am a different person, I feel more confident and in control of my destiny. Im putting myself first and aligning myself with my values. I now understand that little changes progressively create the bigger ones down the track and everything is in balance so I don't beat myself up anymore when I'm feeling down or having a shitty day, its just part of the process and a lesson in itself. Best of all I have met an amazing group of like minded people, all of which have encouraged and inspired me to keep pushing and continue on the my journey.”


“So... I just completed Thrive Time® here in Adelaide. Four days of personal development. 4 days of working on myself. I realised I had been caught in a massive loop for so long. I was just revolving and revolving and never growing. I was happy on the outside but something was missing on the inside. Something needed to change. The price of the course and the long hours definitely caused me to be hesitant. I have two very young girls and was struggling to find care for them BUT I realised that in order to show them love I first have to learn to love myself. So I thought f*uck it and I signed up. I committed. The rest would sort itself out. I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions the past few days and came to some MASSIVE realisations about myself and the way I see life. I can't thank The Mojo Master™ enough for helping me to see that I am the only one standing in my way and that I need to live life according to MY values and no one else’s. You can see just how much love and hard work has gone into this course and when you see that the price of it becomes insignificant. The crew were just amazing and have a genuine love of helping people find themselves. They personalise everyone’s journey and no one is treated the same because they realise everyone is different and so is their journey. I can't recommend this course highly enough. It's literally life changing! Don't use excuses and just commit to yourself and do it.”


“In April I did a 4 Day intensive Personal Development workshop called Thrive Time® which completely changed my life!! I no longer am held back by my BS stories of why I can't be successful in my own right. Since then my Business has sky rocketed and I've never been as confident and empowered in my life!! If u want a no bull shit, zero airy fairy Personal Development course to shake your world up in a good way so you can live an incredible life........ Go to see Michael at Thrive Time or any of his incredible workshops ASAP and tell him I sent u!! What’s better is the coaching doesn't stop after course! It's for life!”


“Mojo and his team are dedicated, passionate and truly inspirational. 4 days of no bullshit, strip everything down and rebuild. You can't get any better than that. Best of all it's quirky..... you will laugh, cry, throw up, get frustrated, dance around, meditate, break boards, cry some more and most importantly form bonds with people for life. Thrive is only the beginning - once you know you can't un-know. Fortunately there is a wonderful community where you are able to connect with other people who have got your back if you have questions or need advice outside the event. Now that i have dealt with some heavy shit I can move forward. Do the work and Rock Up. That's my mantra for life. If you have been thinking about doing something like this then stop thinking and start doing. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”


“I can’t express my gratitude enough. I am inspired, clear and shitting myself by the size of my mission. When I booked this I was in the middle of NSW driving north arguing in my head about why I shouldn’t drive my car into a fucking tree. My only thought I had thanks to my Partner who I had pushed away was “Call The Mojo Master™ .” No shit right “Every time I step away from my values my life has away of reminding me through challenges to get back to doing me daily!”

It's never too late

You can make the changes needed to create the life you really want. I know, because I’ve been privileged to watch hundreds of people change their lives through this program… and I’ve been there myself…

When I was young I was consistently bullied and put in special classes due to my “learning difficulties”. I lacked confidence, hated myself and was often told that I would get no-where in life.

It took a life changing TRAGEDY for me to decide SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE.

I always knew I was better than the way I was living. I also knew I wasn’t living up to my own expectations.

Now challenging myself, being around people and having the confidence, self-worth and self-love to live life on my terms is something I love. And it can work for you too.

THE TRUTH IS, life gives us what we need in order to see our own greatness. For some they crumble under the thoughts of their own uniqueness and power while others embrace it.

Every human is born to be amazing yet most allow their past circumstances to dictate their future while others realise their past circumstances are just training for a greater future.

Never let your past define who you should be or who you can be.

It’s your time to THRIVE.

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About Michael


Michael is better known by his alias “The Mojo Master ” and was given the name after overcoming learning difficulties, depression, chronic fatigue and being told he would get nowhere in life to becoming an energetic and inspired, motivation powerhouse.


Michael Johnson is a leading authority on human behaviour, human empowerment and increasing human performance; frequently hired by business leaders, teams, entrepreneurs and professional athletes who want to achieve more.

Michael Johnson The Mojo Master


Michael has been featured and interviewed on radio, magazines and newspapers across the country and internationally. His podcast “The Mojo Master ” hit number 1 on Itunes in the area of self-help. He has shared the stage with many of the world’s greatest inspirational educators and business leaders including Dr John Demartini, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Dave Logan, Dan Millman, Bradley Smith (founder of Braaap motorcycles) and Nik Halik (The Thrillionaire).